Creative individual, traveler and aspiring filmmaker, originally from the rural area of Monteverde and based between Heredia, Costa Rica and Cologne/Bonn Metropolitan Area, Germany.

Currently studying Social Sciences with a focus in Photography at the Latin University of Costa Rica.

Former teacher in Theatrical Production Technology at MFS Monteverde with the direction of the National Theatre Company.

Winner of Canon Best Photography award Calle X.

With five years of experience in theatrical production, as Tech Director, Lighting Designer, Art Director, and Assistant Set Designer for companies like FCCMT and Danza U (University of Costa Rica).

My photographic work has been part of collective exhibitions in Germany.

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“When we tell a story in cinema we should resort to dialogue only when it's impossible to do otherwise. I always try to tell a story in the cinematic way, through a succession of shots and bits of film in between.”
-Alfred Hitchcock


PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT, BBA Circle Gallery, Berlin Germany 2020

CURATED WORK by The Print Swap, Feature Shoot, 2019-2020

COLLABORATOR, Photography with Purpose [Workshop], El Bloque Documental, 2018

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY, Calle X, Canon & Imax de Costa Rica, 2017

CERTIFICATION, Street Photography Workshop, Canon & Imax de Costa Rica, 2017

QUALIFICATION JUDGE in Drama & Performing Arts, Monteverde Student Arts Festival, 2015

TECHNICAL THEATRE MASTERCLASS, National Theatre Company, 2012

CERTIFICATION, Lighting Design, National Theatre Company, 2012

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