Rebeca Saray & Fotho Magazine Latin America: Inauguration

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

"It is a display that allows you to see the current state of photography in Costa Rica."

-Daniela Rowe, representative, Calderón Guardia Museum.

The Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Museum located in Barrio Escalante, San José was the headquarters of Expo Photo 2019. An event where the best works of 83 Latin American authors were in display. The event covered 5 photographic themes, natural world, architecture, portrait, fine art and documentary. The event was accompanied by talks and conferences with some of the best exponents of international photography.

I had the opportunity to attend the inauguration event of the Fotho Magazine Latin America Online Magazine, as well as, a conference with guest photographer from Madrid Rebeca Saray, an expert in fashion, fantasy, portrait and digital art photography.

Rebeca Saray, is a photographer with a broad professional career. She has published three books, appeared on multiple magazine covers, has taught courses, exhibitions and conferences in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, England, Portugal and Costa Rica, working with clients such as Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony, Gary Dourdan among others.

Rebecca, gave us an inside look at her professional life as a photographer from her workflow in the studio, to recommendations on how to work with models and living from photography. Also, a summary of her beginnings in a town on the Galician coast between the forest and the sea that motivated her to use photography and cinematography as tools for a creative escape. Using what surrounds her from the most mundane, to the worst nightmares, as inspiration for the surreal images that characterize her work.

To me, as an emerging photographer and audiovisual producer, it was an immense honor to be able to share several of hours with a photographer, who is a great exponent of international photography.

Next, some photos from the workshop taught by Rebeca Saray in the days following the conference:


Expo Foto Costa Rica, was born as an idea with the purpose of becoming the meeting point for all photography lovers in the country. The idea turned into projects and concrete actions thus shaping a larger event that houses art, training and tools for photographers under one roof. Expo Foto also produces talks, workshops, exhibitions and other activities related to training those who create photography by hobby or profession.