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The Decree: Socialist Realism.

Russian Prints of the 20th Century Exhibit, Jade Museum

"The doctrine proposed that those making art should execute it under the premise that it would be public and committed to socialist ideals. In addition, art should depict a positive image of Russian society, educating the population with these images."

Указ б. Д. Смешанная ТеХника.

To me this piece ("The Decree" by Efremov, pictured left) was the icing of the cake, for the Soviet exhibit, for its graphical journalistic beauty in the likes of pieces such as "Mein Gott, hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben" by Dimitri Vrutel and "Der Mauerspringer" by Gabriel Heimler (shown below), both at the East Side Gallery, remnants of the Berlin Wall in Germany.

The main reason I connect with "The Decree" is due to the fact that I have seen images like these in real life. An oppressive totalitarian government, masked by ideals of communism and socialism, which on paper sounds fantastic but in reality, it turns out to be just a form of far leftism and absolutism. I believe that true socialism and/or communism is almost impossible to achieve.

Hugo Chavez Monument. Managua, Nicaragua

Photo above:

"Standing bright and tall, a homage to the memory of former Commander Hugo Chavez in Managua, Nicaragua. The totalitarian government struggles to maintain its power now that the international community has its attention fixed on the democratization of the country, mirroring the events in Venezuela. The national dialogue shows at best, little development while Ortega is reluctant to release his political prisoners, as well as being strongly against restoring constitutional guarantees, such as the right to protest." Excerpt from March 2019.

"Ortega's Agenda Open for Debate" La Prensa Headlines. Managua, Nicaragua.

Photo above:

"As Ortega reveals his agenda for a national dialogue. The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua announces the retirement of the church from the dialogue, greatly debilitating the possibilities for a favorable result. According to political analyst Alejandro Serrano Caldera, this second attempt lead by "Ortega's regime" has been focused on gaining time to prepare the nation and state owned entities to evade possible sanctions to be executed by the US government, while the focus fades away from Venezuela.

"The purpose of a national dialogue should be about finding new alternatives and solutions, that will allow Nicaragua to overcome the crisis, and to aim for the development of a true nation. It shouldn't be about gaining time, giving false promises and taking advantage of the people." Managua, Nicaragua." Excerpt from March 2019.

I am in favor of democracy and a centrist form of government. I hope that countries like Nicaragua will be able to achieve centrism, and end countless decades of arrested development, an era of a former cold war.

Or will it end up in further armed conflicts between the far right and far left?

What do you think?

Sandinista Demonstration, December 2019. Managua, Nicaragua


I am a photographer, retoucher and aspiring filmmaker, based in San José, Costa Rica.

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