I enjoy working with like-minded small and medium sized businesses, as well as advertising agencies, or marketing departments. The most important points to me are determination and passion for what you do, and your clear vision of how far you want your product to develop.

In the case of advertising agencies and marketing departments, I seek opportunities to be part of a creative team and develop marketing content packages for clients. I have the desire to use the best of my abilities, knowledge, education and creativity, to capture images and create content that speak for themselves, and evoke a deeper connection with the public, but also help improve the image of a company’s products and services.


Hoteles Casas del Toro

Architectural Photography

Flamingo Beach &

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Centro Panamericano de


Documentary Photography

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Rancho Panchimalco

Product Photography

Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

Siempre Amigos

Documentary Photography

Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica


I am a photographer and production technician, based in San José, Costa Rica.

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