Untitled Project

Inspired by cinematography aesthetics between the 70's and 80's, and Alfred Hitchcock's own storyboarding style with its iconic intricate sub-framing. This conceptual photographic study for a university assignment is set in the middle of the golden age of pornographic films.


The multi-million dollar industry was kicked off with movies of the likes of "Blue Movie" by Andy Warhol, and the controversial "Last Tango in Paris" by Bernardo Bertolucci. The increasing demand for these types of films led to the creation of movies involving non-consensual content and cyber-sex trafficking hosted on popular porn sites in the 21st century.


In this thought provoking fictional story, we delve into the behind the scenes vulnerabilities of an unnamed model trapped in this world. When the camera stops rolling, we get a glimpse of what's left of her humanity...


...Or lack thereof.


I used a Two Point lighting setup; key light with CTO filter, on a parabolic modifier and a fill light with CTB filter, on a rectangular modifier both with internal diffusers and honeycomb grids. And a fog machine to create a heavier atmosphere.